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Jamjuree Terrace Restaurant

Jamjuree Terrace Restaurant is an open courtyard. For breakfast, lunch, and dinner, approximately 150 people will receive a breakfast buffet buffet for guests staying at the resort from 7.00-10.00 hrs. And will start serving lunch-dinner from 10.30. -20.30 hrs.

  Buffet breakfast

   Good health with healthy breakfast. Breakfast buffet with a variety of choices, such as fresh coffee, panned eggs, freshly made vegetable or fruit juice, fresh salads, American-styled buffet, bread, hams, fried eggs, sausages, spaghetti. This includes Thai-Chinese dishes, for instance, rice soup, dim sum, steamed rice, in a fresh morning atmosphere

  Jamjuree 2

   Food-beverage service, Thai food, one dish And food with rice Can accommodate about 50-60 customers Catering for groups, seminars / banquets Recommended food menu Deep fried sea bass snapper Fried Chicken Salad with Chili Paste Boil soft ribs Fried shrimp with curry powder Open from 9.00-20.30 hrs.

Coffee shop

Coffee shop serving fresh coffee And general drinks such as Americano, cappuccino, latte, milk, pink, watermelon, spin Italian, soda Open for service from 9.00-18.00 hrs.